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To register your team go to our online registration form. If you are a new user, type in your email address and click "login". An email with your password will automatically be sent to you. If you are a returning team, you may use the username & password assigned to you last year. If you do not remember your password, not a problem just ask the computer for a new one and then copy, paste, use it and then change the password to what you want. If your E-mail has changed, then it is best if you establish a new account. Alternatively, you can send your new E-mail to our Membership Director, Sharon Schleigh at scienceolympiad@purduecal.edu. Please provide Sharon with your old and new E-mail so she can change it in the system. Please allow 72 hours for this to happen.

The fees for 2013-2014 have not changed. Participation in the Regional Tournaments is $275 (includes the $60 National Membership fee), schools fielding additional teams will pay $200 (includes the $60 National Membership fee) per additional team, new schools is $200 (includes the $60 National Membership fee). Please be sure and print an invoice/PO and send it with your payment.

All fees must be paid by January 15, 2014. If payment is not received before the January 15, 2014 deadline, your team will be dropped from its regional assignment and your team will not be allowed to compete in any Science Olympiad Tournaments for the 2013-2014 school year.

When you register, the first team you register will automatically be listed as team #1. Later teams will be numbered 2,3, etc. All your teams must attend the same regional tournament. Only one team will be considered for advancement to the State tournament, you do NOT have to designate which team.

Getting a Science Olympiad team going in your school isn't hard. First, find some like-minded students willing to flex their academic muscles and form a group. Ask a science, math, tech or computing teacher in your school to coach the team. See if the principal or your school district has funding for a science extracurricular activity. Get a few parents to help out with scheduling, rides to the library, contacting experts. That's pretty much it. Now you just have to study for 23 of the most challenging events covering all the science you've ever and never learned. Piece of cake! The best information on getting started can be found on the National Science Olympiad website. Go to Start a Team and begin enriching students today!

If you have questions or need tips from a veteran Science Olympiad Coach here in Indiana, please contact The Executive Director of Indiana Science Olympiad.